Nurse Training: Trauma Unit

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Trauma Unit

The healthcare simulation allows nursing students and those looking to sharpen their nursing skills the ability to test their knowledge in real world trauma scenarios without the danger of harming or critically injuring any real life patients.

The healthcare simulation is connected directly to the Moodle learning management system (LMS) which gives both teachers and students the ability to see progress, track user behavior and success rates as well as set up an entire course structure to allow students to move from lighter to more difficult situations. This information can also be used to track the overall progress of the simulation and provides accurate data for administrators to make evaluations.

Because the scenarios are built in a modular format they can easily be updated with new content, deleted if they are not achieving the necessary goal for the module or additional modules can be added to expand the pool of possible scenarios. This is very important as it gives educators the power to ensure that everything the user is being evaluated on is of the latest technology and best practices. On a hospital trauma floor there is no telling what will come through the door, and for that same reason no team of instructional designers could come up with all possible scenarios. However, with a system that can be updated at anytime, our team can easily add scenarios that real nurses may have seen only a few weeks before.

Below is a demo version of the healthcare simulation. This demo gives a first hand example of a possible scenario that a user could see when in the full version.

Click here to view the demo version of the healthcare simulation!