The Real World Importance of 3D Training Simulations in the Power Industry

Working around electricity, natural gas, wind turbines and nuclear facilities poses a potential safety risk for anyone that is not 100% aware of safety, protocols and procedures to handle everything from basic repairs through to emergency situations. Training in classrooms and on the job will provide a good background for day to day work requirements, but for very high risk or potentially dangerous situations or for disaster types of events 3D simulations are incredibly effective. It is completely impossible to set up mock activities or scenarios that are comprehensive and realistic in traditional types of trainings, but 3D virtual trainings remove all barriers and allow designers to create amazingly accurate and realistic scenarios for employees and managers to work through.

Electrical Companies

New and experienced workers in the electrical industry will find 3D training simulation developed by the staff at Designing Digitally, Inc. highly instructive. These training modules can allow individuals to practice the correct methods and safety procedures when running new power lines or when troubleshooting problems on existing lines. The simulation allows the learner to actually move through the process in a 3D world, similar to playing a very high quality video or computer game. Accidents and mistakes can become learning experiences and learners can repeat the process as necessary to gain skills mastery. This will prove to be essential when there is need to change out a transformer in a safe and efficient fashion.

Natural Gas

Natural gas companies will be able to allow their workers to practice safely removing natural gas from the ground to tankers. These 3D simulations can incorporate all industry protocols and procedures for safety and efficiency. The simulations can also provide options for learning how to troubleshoot natural gas pipelines and to change out faulty gauges. Since this training is all done in a 3D browser based virtual world there is no risk to employees and no costly training mock ups that need to be maintained.

Nuclear Facilities

One of the biggest crisis events that can occur at a nuclear facility is a nuclear meltdown. Having a 3D training simulation that allows staff to experience a meltdown and how to effectively manage and control the plant or facility is a critical part of ongoing training. This type of training builds up confidence, competence and understanding and gives staff the ability to effectively respond to a crisis. Of course the scenario can also be developed to cover other aspects such as routine checks on the uranium and how to practice effective protocols for recording data and providing routine maintenance checks.

Wind Turbines

A 3D training scenario that allows staff to take a virtual tour of an actual working wind turbine is a great teaching and learning tool for new staff. This basic module could then move into more complex web-based training in 3D on troubleshooting problems with wind turbines and making repairs.

The more that staff that work in the power industry have the chance to learn about methods, emergency response, safety and protocols and procedures in 3D training simulations the more likely they are to make the right decision when they are out in the field. The game like feel to the training makes it highly entertaining and something that staff will look forward to year round.

Training using a variety of different options is always the best choice for any industry. Our professional staff at Designing Digitally, Inc. will be more than happy to talk with you about the 3D simulations that can be designed to meet your specific energy industry training needs.