Take a Virtual Spin at the DMV with a 3D Training Simulation

There are a multitude of racing types of computer and video games that give a variety of different perspectives of actually driving a vehicle. At Designing Digitally, Inc. we can create 3D training simulations for any state DMV. This will students the experience of actually sitting in a car and driving on the streets of your local towns, cities and rural areas. This is far different than a video game where speed and crazy driving may actually be encouraged. Instead the 3D training simulations we develop will focus on following the rules of the road, adhering to traffic laws specific to your state and even learning how to handle typical and atypical weather and road conditions.

The benefits of having a 3D training simulation to allow student drivers to work through different situations are obvious. This is a completely safe, no risk type of simulation both for the students as well as for other drivers and pedestrians. The virtual driving experience is just like sitting in a vehicle and driving through a town, city or area that is the same as the conditions that the student would face when they get behind the wheel of a real vehicle. Rural driving conditions can be set up in the simulation and for those driving in busy cities all aspects of driving and traffic could be replicated and experienced by the student in the 3D virtual world.

The rules of the road, including how to deal with 4 way stops, what to do when traffic lights are out and who has the right of way at round-abouts can all be included in the 3D online training modules. Students can practice and review these rules of the road over and over until they have them mastered, all without the need for an actual car, an adult to ride with them and the potential risk of an accident. Since the scenario can play out if a mistake is made students can also learn safely what happens when driver error occurs in the real world.

Driving and avoiding distractions, handling road conditions and driving in bad weather can all be simulated in the online virtual training environment. The experience is so realistic for the student that when they are actually in a vehicle and are faced with these conditions they will understand what to do and why it works. Learning to turn into a skid on ice, avoid breaking on a corner on a wet road and how to respond to fog to allow enough room to stop or maneuver around objects on the road can all be developed within the training.

Finally, and certainly not least in DMV training programs, the virtual 3D training simulation can also be used to teach students how to do the walk around and safety check of the vehicle before they drive. Different scenarios can be designed to help students to identify problems with the vehicle and what they can do to correct these issues should they occur. Designing Digitally, Inc. has a team of experts that can create just the driving simulation needed and expand student’s training possibilities through online driving experience.