Learning By Doing: Human Resource Training with 3D Training Simulations

Training staff on ethical practices and policies, interviewing prospective employees, improving office culture and in the impact of manager’s attitudes on employee performance is a very difficult task. Often lecture or trainer based types of training in these areas come across as sounding dry, judgmental and very abstract with little ability for learners to translate the information into real world applications.

On the other hand online training can provide some amazing learning opportunities for human resource staff, managers and other leaders in your business, agency or industry. The type of training that just dovetails so perfectly with the very complex issues listed above is the use of  3D training simulations. Just think for a moment on how powerful it would be for your human resource staff and management teams to be able to play through a set of different actual scenarios based on the specifics in your industry. The training would immediately become highly applicable, highly engaging and highly beneficial while also providing a learning platform that is familiar, fun and very focused.

Ethical Dilemmas

Human resource staff often finds themselves in the middle of ethical issues that employees are struggling to handle. Trying different options to resolve the issues or how to follow protocol given the various issues brought forward is not something that human resource staff should do on the fly. Instead, using a set of scenarios based on your specific company or agency staff, industry or area of practice your human resource staff can watch scenarios play out in a 3D simulation, evaluating the outcome or choosing the correct response. This same training can be expanded to allow employees to learn about ethical issues and how to correctly respond when faced with them in the workplace.


Interviewing is more than asking a set of questions, it is truly a learned skill. Allowing human resource professionals and managers that are involved in hiring for your company, organization or agency to practice in 3D simulations will ensure a much more competent and effective interview style. In addition the interviewers will build confidence in their ability to handle a range of different situations. Interviewing skills can be highlighted through choices that can be made all through the 3D simulation, something that we are very familiar with developing at Designing Digitally, Inc.

Changing Workplace Culture

The culture of a workplace is not static, it can be changed and molded to become more friendly and encompassing as changes in the workforce, management and business partners evolve. Allowing everyone to work through a variety of realistic and highly applicable 3D simulations provides immediate feedback as to what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be changed in the workplace to make it more positive for everyone. Often people are unaware of the consequences of their choices and this provides as safe, private and very natural way to learn about the impact of actions on others.

Management Impact

Telling a manager that they are creating hostility in the workplace is often very difficult. Letting the manager experience how their treatment of employees impacts on the employees productivity, commitment to the company and even their attitude towards the manager and the job may be the picture that says a million words. 3D training simulations are non-threatening for managers to work through to see how their attitudes, behaviors and choices may be negatively or positively impacting on those under their supervision.