Increase Pharmaceutical Sales with 3D Training Simulations

In any type of business where representatives are on the road making calls to prospective customers, having an edge on building rapport, closing the sale and knowing everything there is to know about the product line is absolutely essential in meeting sales quotas. However, these are not simple skills to master and often take years and years of trial and error to develop. During this time sales will definitely stay flat or may even decrease, lowering the overall profit for the company.

Pharmaceutical companies know that having a representative that can talk directly to a doctor is the best way to introduce new products and ensure that their current products and medications are being prescribed by that particular physician. Often the sales rep will make all the difference in the world in the doctor’s willingness to give a new medication on the market a try. However, teaching that representative how to communicate effectively with the doctor has always been a challenging part of the industry. With the new technology of a 3D immersive training simulations those old training hang-ups are gone. These programs allow the rep to enter a virtual environment and practice all aspects of communicating with the doctor, which can even include how to get past the secretary or clinical manager to actually get to see the physician.

The virtual environment in the 3D immersive training module can be created to truly give the representative a taste of being on the road. This is a perfect training tool for new reps that may never have had their vehicle turned into a mobile office. Management, inventory, tracking and recording of sales and sales calls can all be rehearsed and actually completed right in that training module. This means that the new rep has already experienced being the road before they ever turn the ignition key in the company car. Since they are right there in the office during the virtual training questions can be easily answered and the game type environment allows the learner to experience what works and what doesn’t which further enhances the learning experience. The simulation can be repeated as necessary by the learner as a way to review or verify details and information.

For more experienced reps a virtual trainer that works to increase sales, product knowledge and also helps to develop effective sales routines is a real asset in a 3D immersive environment. This trainer is always available 24/7 and allows even on the road reps to complete trainings without coming in off of their sales routes. Monitoring of completion can be done through existing technology to provide feedback and evaluation to supervisors and human resource managers as necessary.

Designing Digitally, Inc. has produced a variety of different 3D immersive training environments including those for the pharmaceutical industry. Since our specialization is creating just the training module you want, we design and develop 3D simulations that can meet any or all of above mentioned training requirements. If you have a need for training for sales, product knowledge, communication or any other topic talk to our 3D simulation developers and let us take care of your next level of training.