How Can Scenario Based Training Be Used In Business?

Scenario based training, also known as serious games or synthetic learning environments, is the perfect training format for a wide range of topics within any type of business. Design companies that offer assistance in all aspects of developing highly effective serious games for business can really expand your training potential. They can also assist in creating a very comprehensive 3D game design software packages that meets all your needs.  To do this the firm you choose to work with should fully immerse themselves in your technology base and business so that the most realistic, accurate and authentic training scenarios are created. You don’t want a company that offers a one size fits all training simulation program; you want one created that is unique to your business and all that entails.

One of the major benefits to training new and existing staff using serious games and interactive programs is that they can literally mimic any software used in the company. Employees can become highly proficient on the simulated system, meaning no costly mistakes or downtime when they go live on your working software programs. Employees will be much more confident and can take time to explore details about the software or system that is all provided in the text, video or audio of the simulation.

Employees and managers alike can be trained in a variety of what are typically gray areas in most small and large companies. These can include the human resource policies on everything from managing paperwork, to dealing with the very serious issues of discrimination or sexual harassment. As the learners work through the scenarios they are provided with additional information and specific legal details, as well as the language and expectations for employees within company policy. Feedback from learners can continually help to develop these difficult topics, creating a very comprehensive scenario program that highlights the learning objectives specific to the topic.

Ethics training for managers, supervisors and employees is always difficult in standard types of trainings since it is impossible to actually recreate the dilemma or controversy. By using a real time 3D simulation, the learner experiences the ethical issues, which increases learning and forms a solid, automatic response to deal with the same issues when they occur in the business world.  Virtual CEO types of scenarios are ideal for higher management and deal with the very complex decisions these individuals have to complete every day.

However, it isn’t just abstract types of training that are ideally suited to simulations and serious games. Learning new technical skills and typical activities required on the job cuts down on time spent in costly on the job training programs. Skills such as repairs, electrical work, customer services, sales, operations, scheduling and following company policies are all perfectly matched for a high quality scenario based training program.

In business training, as with all other types of learning, it is important to find a company that can deliver on all aspects of the simulation. Look for a company that works with your training requirements, incorporates different and relevant learning objectives and coordinates their 3D games design software into your current Learning Management System.