A Sneak Peak into the Future of Corporate Training

One of the most challenging aspects of any type of corporate, professional, business or agency training is to create new and stimulating ways to provide current and new employees with the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.  Currently business training models that provide online training options may offer video clips, text information or perhaps an interactive quiz type format. However, at Designing Digitally, Inc. we have a completely new option for your corporate training needs.

The true wave of the future is the use of 3D simulations, which are the specialization of the experienced staff at Designing Digitally, Inc. These simulations are very similar to the types of online gaming experiences that are so popular and so familiar with young professionals in the workplace today. Since these very interactive and immersive games are what professionals are doing by choice in their free time, it only makes sense to incorporate the technology into workplace trainings.

As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age it is essential to reconsider traditional types of corporate training options. It is also a perfect time to talk to the staff at Designing Digitally, Inc. to start designing a 3D simulation that is uniquely created to meet your teaching and training needs. Since this is a virtual training environment there is literally no restrictions on the scenarios, skills, objectives and types of information that you wish to include in the simulation. The traditional types of constraints because of time, cost and travel no longer exist, removing the barriers to effective corporate trainings that may have been present.

One key element of using 3D simulations and serious games for corporate training is that the learner is able to play through the game making choices just as they would when called upon to use the knowledge or skills in the real world. The choice can be played out to clearly demonstrate the consequences of their decision in the simulation, allowing true experiential learning to occur. This does take skill and experience on the part of the designer and development team which is why it is so important to choose a company that specializes in this area to create your future corporate training modules.

Designing Digitally, Inc. can provide the opportunity for your corporate training to increase knowledge on the areas of focus while also helping to ensure a safe learning and working environment for all. Your staff can learn protocols and practice procedures that are identical to real and potentially dangerous or risky situations they will face in the field. Working through online simulations gives them the confidence in making the right choice when the pressure is on.