June, 2015

3D E-Learning is here to Stay!

Imagine watching a 3D movie. How would you feel every time you put on your 3D glasses and see something popping out of your screen? If you’ve watched 3D movies in a theater, you know the adrenaline rush better than anyone else. Now imagine if learning processes were made similar to watching a 3D movie. Such a learning experience might not require the use of 3D glasses or have images popping out, but it does provide you with a virtual learning environment and interactive graphics that no other classroom can provide. That is what the concept of 3D E-Learning is all about, and just like 3D movies, this learning concept is here to stay!


What is 3D E-Learning?
When it comes to learning, traditional methods often pale in comparison to modern techniques. In terms of efficiency of E-Learning and knowledge retention, interactive and stimulating 3D environments yield the best results within the shortest time frame. In a well designed and stimulated 3D E-Learning environment, the learning process is completely transformed from a one-dimensional process to a collaborative and interactive multi-dimensional activity. E-Learning through the use of 3D graphics and environments creates a participatory experience far more effective than lecture-style training.

Here are the reasons why this amazing technology is the future:

Virtual Environments are Safe
Imagine training your staff on-site to identify the different hazards in a workplace. Unless you have set aside a huge fund for workers’ compensation, this technique is likely to be a costly disaster of penalty fees and employee medical bills! 3D E-Learning can provide a computer generated environment for your employees to learn about the work safety, without exposing them to any risk of accidents.

Informal Learning
For both students and professionals, most of the learning takes place outside the academic curricula or the workplace. Whether the information is related to work, leisure or any aspect of personal life, imparting it through an immersive 3D environment promotes informal learning. Similarly, learning and retention rates are drastically improved when using customized 3D environments.

Personalized Guidance
An effective 3D E-Learning environment is somewhat similar to that of a video game. Avatars are not running amuck. Instead, characters are organized and resources are shared to achieve a common objective, such as taking down the opposing team. E-Learning environment works in a similar manner. Interactive guidance assists learners in planning their resources to achieve their objectives. However, unlike typical video games, the guidance offered in a simulated learning environment is highly personalized. Depending on the knowledge, skills and experience of the users, assistance can be customized to meet individual needs at the various levels of E-Learning.

Cost Saving Incentives
Contrary to popular belief, 3D E-Learning is an inexpensive process over the long term. Creating a simulated environment may appear to be an expensive investment, but it can be expanded and revised as companies grow and shift, providing ROI for years to come. You can easily model all your equipment to the last detail and create training programs for employees and students at all organizational hierarchical levels and class levels, respectively. In these times of recession and global uncertainty, more and more organizations are investing in 3D E-Learning as an alternate to traditional learning model to reduce their costs per employee or student.

With all its advantages, 3D E-Learning is here to stay and intended to revolutionize the way of learning and improving the performance of the learners. If you still haven’t considered acquainting yourself with the process of 3D E-Learning, now is a good time to find out more about this amazing tool.