December, 2012

The Logistics Of Virtual Simulations In Lieu Of Instructor Led Trainings

Anyone that is responsible for booking, planning, coordinating and paying for in-person instructors understands that this can be a very costly endeavor. Not only do you have to pay for the instructor’s actual teaching time but you may also be required to pay a standard rate for them to develop the training and adjust the training mode of delivery to your specific requirements. Add to that the necessity to plan and pay for planes, trains and automobiles and you can end up with a very costly training bill.

If you think that this is the end of the costs then you need to look again at your training agreement. You will most likely be responsible for paying for accommodation, vehicle rental, onsite parking, hotel rooms, and even each meal that the speaker eats from the time he or she leaves their home until they arrive back again. Even if this compensation is in the form of a per diem, you may be looking at hundreds of dollars per day plus the actual compensation for the training. This is all required even if the trainer has an “off day” and just doesn’t seem to connect with the material or the target audience.

Instead of using a live body in each training session, a better option is to use a 3D simulation or 3D virtual learning environment to allow an artificial intelligence “bot” to complete the training. This bot is an avatar, the teacher, which interacts with the avatars of the learners and users, creating a very realistic learning environment. Since the AI bot always behaves consistently you don’t have to worry about off days or on days, there will be complete conformity in the information and details discussed. This provides an incredibly uniform training program that is perfect for companies with multiple offices, that train multiple times per year or that use the same training from year to year. Needless to say this also cuts costs dramatically as there is no need to pay for time, travel and incidentals, the virtual bot does it all for free year after year.

Not only will the bot instructor be interactive yet also very consistent, there is the option for the students or learners in the virtual environment to repeat information and to repeat simulations and activities within the 3D virtual environment. People can literally repeat a section multiple times until they feel they have assimilated the information and have gained the skills and objectives required. This is far different than with a live trainer that is on a schedule and must leave one topic or module to move on to the next.

Not every virtual training or virtual simulation is the same, in fact at Designing Digitally, Inc. our focus is to make your 3D virtual training completely unique to your organization’s needs. This can include creating a completely original 3D virtual environment for the learning to occur based on your industry, requirements and specifications. Our staff has years of experience in providing ideas and strategies to create just the look and feel that you want, all you need to do is talk to our team and let us come up with ideas. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you’re organization save money!