September, 2012

The Use of 3D Training Simulations in Medical Scenarios

As professionals in the medical field you are already aware of the important of following protocols and procedures in all aspects of patient care. The biggest problem in training medical staff to continue to use procedures is that it is always done in real time, in life and death situations, and with real people where an incorrect decision can be devastating.

One of the major ways that Designing Digitally, Inc. can provide service to the medical community is in developing 3D training simulations that allows doctors, nurses and other medical staff to learn the protocols and procedures used in the hospital in a 3D virtual environment. Staff is able to review, rehearse and practice all aspects of patient care, communication and all other aspects of their job in a 3D virtual world where mistakes are not a problem and it is possible to rehearse and repeat until you get the concept right.

Nurses are often faced with problems in dealing with very agitated patients and family members. Our 3D trainings can allow the nurse to try out different options for responding to that upset patient or family member and develop an effective, polite and efficient way in dealing with emotional issues on the unit. This can further expand into scenarios and situations where a nurse has to make an immediate decision in patient care. We can design trainings for specific types of patient environments from critical care units through to hospital emergency rooms. Since there is only a virtual patient the nurses aren’t under the pressure they would be in a true life and death situation, which allows them time to gather information and learn about their options.

Imagine what a benefit this type of training would be to a nursing college or program. Each student could virtually learn how to insert an IV, catheterize a patient, wrap a wound or respond to any number of major or minor situations in an emergency unit. Students that were then going on their practicum or for their actual real world experience would have literally already done the procedure, not just seen a video or listened to a lecture.

Doctors can also benefit from the use of online 3D training simulations. These types of trainings can be ideal for teaching new or complex types of surgical procedures. The training can be designed to allow the doctor to actually do a virtual surgery, developing competency and confidence will also allowing the medical professional to determine areas where they may need additional training, information or support. This is a wonderful way to provide training in international types of settings where the cost of flying doctors to observe a procedure may be very cost prohibitive.

Literally anything done in a hospital or medical facility can be duplicated in a 3D training simulation by the professional staff at Designing Digitally, Inc. This type of training not only ends up saving medical facilities in time and money, but it also helps to build confidence in the staff and ensure that everyone uses the same procedures and protocols when working with patients.