August, 2012

Experience The Oil Industry In Your 3D Training Simulations

The oil industry is a huge part of the US business sector, as it is in many countries around the world. It is also a very complex industry with a variety of different processes that the oil goes through in getting from the ground to the refinery and then out to the consumer. Understanding all of these complicated and complex issues can be challenging if you use traditional types of training programs or have employees complete their learning on the job.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we understand that the more realistic a training is the more effective the learning will be. Using 3D training simulations that allow employees to learn about all aspects of the oil industry is a cost effective, safe and engaging way that allows you to focus in on the specific aspects of the training that are of importance to you and your employees. The simulations will be as realistic as actually being on the drilling rig, at the refinery or in planning for a pipeline, shipping route or logistically managing sales.

In the Field

Working on a drilling rig has its risks and, for many people new to the oil and gas industry, their first experience is completely overwhelming. Trainers within the industry can use a 3D training simulation to allow new rig workers to actually experience putting up a rig and drilling, all without any risk to the individuals or equipment. The 3D immersive world can be designed to be highly realist and take all the mystery out of what happens, why things are done in a particular order on the rig and how important safety is in all aspects of building.

Modules for training simulations in 3D can also provide opportunities for troubleshooting and repairing drilling rigs, which is a real time and cost saver for the company.

Moving and Refining the Oil

Planning how to move the oil from the rig to the refinery is another aspect of the industry. This logistic type of online 3D training module could include planning for pipelines, choosing the most cost effective trucking routes and safety issues for both equipment as well as employees. Different scenarios can be generated and compared, making this a very practical aspect to any logistics professional in the industry.

Modules on the actual process of refining oil into gas, including essential safety and troubleshooting aspects of the process, is a perfect match for 3D simulation developed by Designing Digitally, Inc. Employees will be more aware of the big picture and able to understand how each part of the process interacts to create the final product.
Oil spills, disasters and environmental clean up and protection are natural matches for online training in 3D. Learners can work though these issues in a virtual environment that is completely realistic both in the damages caused by a disaster and the actual options for and results of clean up operations.

Of course an online virtual training module that focuses in on distribution and sales of the gasoline produced by the oil refinery is yet another possible option. Having this series of 3D training modules available provides a comprehensive training series for all aspects of the industry. The professionals at Designing Digitally, Inc. are always happy to talk to those in the oil industry to determine how 3D virtual simulations can be incorporated into training programs.