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Custom Built Game Based Learning Solutions

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  • Keep Employees Safe

    Would you allow a new firefighter to enter a burning house without extensive training? Why would you put your new hires on the factory floor to use equipment without the knowl...
  • Learn By Doing

    Our 3D serious games and simulations are fully interactive allowing for multiple outcomes of the same scenario depending on the choices made by the learner.  Our learn by doi...
  • Teach Better Practices

    Our 3D serious games and simulations can save your employees, and save you money without hurting anyone. What if your staff is out in the field working in a dangerous situatio...

Serious Game Development and Design

Designing Digitally, Inc. creates interactive 3D simulations, also known as serious game design, that give your staff, employees, or consumers a realistic ability to learn effectively while reducing financial and physical risks to them and your organization. We provide fully customized interactive simulations to fully engage the learner and instill learning by doing mentality we have here at Designing Digitally, Inc. Whether you’re trying to train, inform, entertain or educate, serious game development and design from Designing Digitally, Inc. will fully engage your learners which in turn will transform them from a passive viewer to a fully participating learner during the experience.

To have Designing Digitally, Inc. develop your custom Serious Game contact us today.